Team and Player Picture Day

Picture Day, made easy

We have shot thousands of picture day portraits for Tulsa area athletes over the last 10 years. Many of these are on-location at your home field or arena, but many have also been shot on green screens – either mobile set ups or in our studio. This gives us the versatility to do professional sessions regardless of outdoor lighting, facility options or adverse weather conditions.

Scoreboard can service any size team, league or organizational picture day project. For larger groups and teams, we can field multiple experienced shooting teams in order to keep things flowing and minimize disruption to your practice or pre-game preparation time. We respect your time, and put as much emphasis on being fast and efficient as we do on providing quality photographic services.

Scoreboard uses an award winning print vendor that can supply all the usual prints and add-ons, including things that are not easily found through local vendors such as; dog tags, bag tags, magnets and more.

Our office works with your point of contact (coach, booster club, team mom, etc) to distribute information, order forms, online ordering links and other essential coordination for a hassle free picture day experience.

Our products are delivered to your point of contact within 4 weeks of your picture day event. These orders are inspected for accuracy prior to delivery, but in the event a mistake is made – we immediately correct it and deliver it to you at our expense.

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